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Post by vrod5454 » Jun 11th, ’19, 17:47


How can I grab the domain from an email address (via input box) and open that domain in a browser? My input will always be an email address. So in the input box I type

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I am using the code below to search for the email address using google. I would like to add code that will also open a new tab and go to the domain (website). So using the example above it would be

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InputBox, Input, Meta search, Prefixes: g`, who`,  ,250, 250
DivPos:=InStr(Input, " ")
Prefix:=SubStr(Input, 1, DivPos-1)
SearchText:=SubStr(Input, DivPos+1)
StringReplace, SearchText, SearchText, %A_Space%, `%20, All
StringReplace, SearchText, SearchText, #, `%23, All
if (Prefix="g")
	//Do something.
else if (Prefix="who")
	Run, "" //open browser and searches google for the email address
	Run, "%SearchText%" //should open a new tab browser and go to the URL

Thanks for your help.
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Post by Tom » Jun 12th, ’19, 19:58

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StringTrimLeft, domain, input, % InStr(input, "@")
run % "www." domain
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