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Post by sanchitgoyal » Jan 11th, ’19, 20:58


I have noticed a bug with the quick find feature.

Please check the gif video at the below link-


Normally in quick find when you start searching it shows the suggestions along with number and you can select the number on keyboard and corrosponding option is selected.

However this does not work if the number you are selecting is the LAST number. For example in the video when I type calc it shows Me only 1 option and If I press "1" on keyboard it doesn open calculator and adds it to the search term.

Similarly in the 2nd example from the list of suggestions if I press 1,2 or 3 it outputs the option but if I select 4 which is again the LAST number same thing happens. The option is not selected and instead 4 is added to the search term.
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Post by Tom » Jan 11th, ’19, 22:06

Thanks, this will be resolved.
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