Split folder content into a subfolder and move the subfolder

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Post by anjelinus » Jun 25th, ’20, 08:05

The challenge: Resize images and move them to an identically named folder in a different location (on the HDD).

How I do this now: I resize images in a folder and add a prefix. This is done automatically with https://www.bricelam.net/ImageResizer/ (nowadays also included in the new PowerToys). Then I move the images to a new folder with the samen name in a different location

Suggestion: Make an identically named subfolder in the image folder you're working in > resize the images (with a specific prefix) > move the images with the prefix to the just made subfolder > move the subfolder (with resized images to another location

My question: Can this be done with Fastkeys?

Alternative: Is there a tool which can do this?
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Post by Marko » Jun 27th, ’20, 11:34

This can be done using AutoHotkey script (Type: Command).

Please see the following commands:
Create a folder:
https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/command ... ateDir.htm
Move files:
Move folders:
https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/command ... oveDir.htm

The best command line tool I recommend for image manipulations is ImageMagick
Resizing images with ImageMagick:

Example for using ImageMagick from FastKeys (Type: Command):

Code: Select all

runwait, magick convert image.gif  -resize 64x64  resized_image.gif
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Post by anjelinus » Jun 27th, ’20, 18:09

Hi Marko, thanks for your reply. Looks like a solid solution. I'll go work on it!
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