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Post by AndaK » Nov 1st, ’19, 20:25

I use a text file with following stats:

string: rd1
description: random quotes
type: send

=================actual quotes====================

quote 1

/quote 2

/quote 3

/quote 4

/quote 5


options: trigger immediately ; delete ending char

window: AdiIRC

It is not working like intended and I can't get it to work properly. I can type 'rd1' and the popup window comes up. I click
(or select with up or down button and there seems to happen something but it immediately vanishes before anything
is printed in chat. In notepad it prints a test with the / in front of text so it 'seems' to work.

thank you :)
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Post by Tom » Nov 2nd, ’19, 19:45

Hm, could you try disabling Auto Complete module and see if it helps?
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