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Post by alih1029 » Oct 31st, ’19, 21:48

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ToolTip Clipboard data type: %A_EventInfo%
StringReplace, Clipboard, Clipboard,  `r`n,%A_Space%, All 
Sleep 1000
ToolTip  ; Turn off the tip.
This is the first script I have; anytime text is copied, it removes all formatting, is there anyway to make this script toggle-able? It seems that even disabling a hotkey/script I wrote that has this code in it, does not turn off the script.

How can I write a script, that will allow me to do the following in the picture attached below:
  • Select all instances of text enclosed by ':' and '}', and trigger that it be bolded via Ctrl + B shortcut
I copy/paste a lot from PDFs, and the above script allows me to remove all formatting, then I can paste the scrubbed text. When I want to blank a word, I can select it and trigger another hotkey to place the 'brackets' around text, however it removes the formatting so I have to manually re-format the text. I was hoping to find a script that allows selection of text inbetween two characters.
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Post by Marko » Nov 1st, ’19, 16:55

The following will copy the selected text to Clipboard and remove all formatting and new lines.
Set a shortcut (Type: Command):

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send, ^c
sleep 100
StringReplace, Clipboard, Clipboard, `r`n, %A_Space%, All 
About the second script - I have no idea how to select multiple parts of text at the same time.
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