FastKeys just stops working

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Post by price9999 » Mar 5th, ’24, 14:57

I'm having the same problem. Several times a day (without any obvious cause) Fastkeys will crash and I have to use Task Manager to reset it.
Is there any way to determine which program is interfering? I've tried selectively closing things without success.
Many thanks
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Post by Marko » Mar 5th, ’24, 19:54

Do you get any error message? Have you checked if you are running programs mentioned in above posts?

Do you use any custom AutoHotkey scripts or loops? If FastKeys freezes (you cannot close it down) please contact our support mail.
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Post by price9999 » Mar 22nd, ’24, 11:22

Thanks Marko
It was a script! Found by turning on/off in order. All sorted.
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Post by blortch1 » Apr 15th, ’24, 03:50

My problem is similar. I use FastKeys multiple times daily for my work. The last time I opened it up, all phrase files were gone. It was if it were a new download. I have copies of my phrase files and so can reupload them but I'd prefer not to do that again.

I see that a backup file is made but I don't see how to use it. Please clarify this for me.

Thank you,

Mike Salkin
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