FastKeys 5.14 Released

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Post by Marko » Feb 2nd, ’24, 14:44

What's new in FastKeys 5.14:
2nd February 2024

A key new feature is the ability to switch the Selection Form view to display the full text along with the input fields. Users now have additonal flexibility in how they interact with selection forms:
- view entry fields only,
- entry fields with a preview or
- full text with inline entry fields.

Selection forms are used to collect user input and insert the input into placeholders within the text snippet. Forms can include text input, checkboxes, radio button controls, drop-down controls, numeric sliders and more.

Release notes:
- New alternative Selection Form view (full text),
- Improved Selection form positioning (following caret in browsers)
- Improved Selection Form previews,
- Startup script can now contain functions and subroutines,
- Updated translations,
- Several enhancements and bug fixes.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are highly appreciated. Thanks!

Download FastKeys HERE.
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Post by gustms » Feb 3rd, ’24, 20:28

Thank you!!
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Post by Alain_56 » Feb 4th, ’24, 03:03

Merci beaucoup 🙏🏻
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