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reverse date text

Posted: May 20th, ’19, 11:28
by ego123
I need to change the existing date text




The ^ indicates the cursor position before and after the change.

I tried the following send sequence without success:

{LShift down}{Right 3}{LShift up}^{vk58}{Right 7}-^{vk56}{Backspace}{Left 10}{LShift down}{Right 3}{LShift up}^{vk58}{Right 5}^{vk56}{Backspace}-{Left 8}{Down}

How can I do this?


Re: reverse date text

Posted: May 20th, ’19, 15:26
by Tom
Here is one way. Create a new shortcut, Type: Command

Code: Select all

send ^c
sleep 100
stringsplit, OUT, clipboard, .
send {Del}%OUT3%-%OUT2%-%OUT1%
Select your date string and press a shortcut to make a change.