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Post by SafeTex » Nov 10th, ’23, 19:45


I've never really mastered scripts but I wondering if someone could kindly transform the following AHK script so that it works in FastKeys?

Thanks in advance for any help

Autohotkey; Trigger the hotkey actions with the hotkey combination Ctrl + Alt + Z
^!z:: ; This means Ctrl + Alt + Z
Sleep 350
Send ^{Enter} ; Press Ctrl+Enter
Sleep 350
Send !{Up} ; Press Alt+Up
Sleep 350
Send ^g ; Press Ctrl+G
Sleep 350
Send ^+s ; Press Ctrl+Shift+S
Sleep 450
Send ^a ; Press Ctrl+A
Sleep 650
Send ^+!{F12} ; Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F12
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Post by Tom » Nov 16th, ’23, 22:16

Create a new shortcut in Shortcuts module, Ctrl + Alt + Z, set Type: Command, and paste the remaining script (starting from a first Sleep line) to the command field.
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