Opening word/phrase/learned lists trigger GeForce Experience

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Post by orlando2bjr » May 25th, ’18, 11:37

Something weird just happened when I double clicked to open lists in FK: GeForce Experience overlay popped up as if triggered. Check on the gif below (too big because its the whole desktop):
ginourmous gif
GeForce Overlay should only open via shortcuts, currently I use HOME, END and ALT+Z (each one for a different task). Just to be thorough, it also uses: `, CTRL+ALT+M, ALT+F12, ALT+SHIFT+F10, ALT+F8, ALT+F7, ALT+F6, , ALT+F11 and ALT+F5.
This is not a problem, just mildly annoying and I thought it deserved to be reported.

Orlando Borges Botelho
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Post by Marko » May 25th, ’18, 21:34

Hi Orlando, I cannot see any reason for this. Can you repeat it? On what exactly did you double-click?
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