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Post by catasolo » Nov 4th, ’22, 10:00

Download the installation version and start running the executable. When it asks in which directory you want it to be installed, change from "FastKeys 5" to "FastKeys". At the end, leave the check box to run the program. The error message that another copy is running is displayed, but if you look in the Task Manager, there is no FastKey.exe program there.

I've attached a screenshot to see what it's all about: ... U7Sb2uWfC8

Now uninstall and run the installation again this time leaving the proposed directory value as "FastKeys 5". At the end, the program runs immediately without displaying the error.

Please check in what situation this window is displayed and why it appears when the product is installed in other directory that "FastKeys 5". It could be a bug in the program.

What is interesting is that if you change the name of the directory from

C:\Program Files (x86)\FastKeys


C:\Program Files (x86)\FastKeys 5

the program runs immediately and no longer displays the error window.
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Post by Marko » Nov 4th, ’22, 10:35

Thanks, we’ll check this out.
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