Text Expander not triggering where I need it

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Post by ztwersky » Oct 1st, ’22, 18:30

Here's a text expander with options, triggered with ]pa string, that works everywhere:


However, it doesn't trigger the suggestions where I need it most, which is why I created it: In a user form field. Here:


I created it, so I don't have to manually copy and paste the path every time.
Yes, I can create all the paths in another select on the user form, but I was trying to keep the form small and short, and without having to click on dropdown boxes.

Perhaps this is because a script is already running the user form, which pauses other triggers? This is not good. I hope I am wrong, and that I just missed a comma or something ;)
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Post by Marko » Oct 1st, ’22, 19:48

Triggering is disabled in Input forms to avoid potential issues. You should use a dropdown selection list instead, the popup will be the same size.
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