Start menu #3 color and style bug

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Post by gustms » Oct 7th, ’21, 20:42


So I've started using more the Start Menu feature recently and noticed a bug with the adjustments made in the "Color and style" settings. If I go into the settings for Start Menu #3 and change font size, style and color, for example, it only affects the last Menu of each group. All the other Menu are getting their settings from the Main Start Menu. A separator will also create multiple groups that are affected the same way.

Let me illustrate this, by setting the Main Start Menu with a Font size 11 and bold, and the Start menu #3 with a font size 9 and regular.

This happens when items are inside a Menu.

I hope I made it clear. Thank you!
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Post by Marko » Oct 8th, ’21, 16:35

Thanks for reporting this, we will test further and resolve it in the next update.
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