rich text not pasting into desktop OneNote

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Post by f@stkeys » Mar 27th, ’21, 00:49

Repro case:

1. Create a rich text Send item in a FastKeys Start Menu which includes rich text formatting. Format the text only using the WYSIWYG tool in FastText.
2. In Microsoft OneNote (desktop edition), send the rich text item from FastKeys.
3. Observe as the content is pasted into OneNote as plaintext.

What's strange is:
If user sends the rich text item into Microsoft Word, the content is correctly pasted as rich text.
If user then copies the rich text pasted into Microsoft Word, the copied text can be pasted into OneNote as rich text.

Why would rich text sent from FastKeys into Microsoft Word, and then copied from Microsoft Word, paste as rich text into OneNote...
But the same rich text sent directly from FastKeys pastes as plaintext?
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Post by Tom » Mar 27th, ’21, 20:20

There are several different Rich Text implementations in different applications and they may not be compatible. We recommend to use non-formatted text for regular text expansion.
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