Unable to add new Text Expander Shortcuts

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Post by RMDoubleYou » Apr 17th, ’20, 08:07


I believe i have some buggy version of Fastkeys installed (downloaded and installed version 4.26 on 17-04-2020 ).
When trying to add another Text Expander string of Type "Send", i type in all of the fields but as soon as i go out of the Substitute field (tab out of it, or click somewhere with the mouse) all the text in there disappears and the "OK" button seems inoperable.

1) Go to Text Expander Settings and click on a tab.
2) Click on new.
3) Add some text in String and Description.
4) use tab (4 times) to select the Substitute text-field and enter some text.
5) Tab out ot the OK button, notice that the substitute text disappears.
6) Press the OK button, notice that nothing happens.

I wasnt able to add screenshots to this message so i made a word document available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ob2pfqp6njfz ... .docx?dl=0

I have noticed that If you manage to be able to type in the Substitute field without the edge of it turning blue, pressing Tab will insert a tab instead of selecting the OK button. Clicking ok with the mouse will save the shortcut correctly. As of this moment i have not figured out how to do this though.

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Post by RMDoubleYou » Apr 17th, ’20, 08:37


Managed to find a temporary work-around that seems to work all the time.
If you notice when using tab to select the Substitute text-field the edge is blue noticing that it is.
However clicking in this field with the mouse before typing anything will allow you to type and save.
Clicking with the mouse is much more inconvenient than using Tab in my opinion.

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Post by Tom » Apr 17th, ’20, 18:14

Thanks for reporting this, will be resolved asap. ;)
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