feature request: "New Column" item in Start Menu configuration context menu

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Post by f@stkeys » Sep 21st, ’23, 23:40

If the user has selected:
Preferences > Start Menu > Menu 1 > More settings > Menu options > Break menu at separator
...the user can no longer also specify horizontal separators within the resultant columns of Menu 1, because the separators are now used as the delimiters for the columns themselves.

Sometimes a user doesn't want just columns, but to be able to vertically divide the columns.

Changing the FastKeys architecture slightly, perhaps instead of the "break menu at separator" option, in addition to normal menu separators, there could be:

New Column

...in the context menu for Start Menu configuration. When added to a menu, this item would insert a column break into the menu list. Since there would be a unique item to start a new column, there would no longer be a need for a mode ("break menu at separator") where separators are interpreted as column dividers; the New Column item would start a new column, and separators would simply continue to be horizontal-line separators.

Long-term, this solution would probably be more intuitive for new users anyway. When someone thinks, "How do I build a multi-column menu?" the "break menu at separator" preference tweak is somewhat more difficult to discover than would be a simple in-line editing item like the proposed "New Column."
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Post by Tom » Sep 22nd, ’23, 16:41

Thanks, clearly explained. We'll put this request to our wish list for a possible future development.
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