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Post by bitsper2nd » May 1st, ’22, 16:30

I have some suggestions. How about you include some of powertoys features in the next version of Fastkeys. You could even add the code to the library so people can add it manually. Or even make a tutorial video on how to get powertoys on Fastkeys.

Here are some AHK scripts I found that can help replicate those features like the cursor focus or color picker:
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Post by Tom » May 2nd, ’22, 18:25

You can use FastKeys to run any AutoHotkey script.
For more advanced scripts, you can use a command line

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FastKeys.exe script.ahk
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Post by bitsper2nd » May 5th, ’22, 02:54

oh sorry. I was just writing some suggestions for FastKeys. There is a popular application called Powertoys with useful features. Simply wanted to highlight some of those feats like the color picker or the cursor focus. I already know how to run AHK scripts on FastKeys.

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