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SOLVED: Active Gestures module causes right-click on Monitor 2 problems

Posted: Jun 11th, ’19, 15:10
by gmalone
UPDATE: Solved the issue by changing FastKeys.exe Properties>Compatibility>Change High DPI settings>Hight DPI scaling override (checked)>Application. Now all works correctly on both monitors with Fastkeys>Gestures module activated.

With Gestures module activated, when I right-click on Monitor 2's desktop, the context menu appears offset horizontally by half-a-screen width.

I've tested turning off individual or all gestures, but the bug/phenomenon still happens. But deactivating the Gestures module eliminates the problem entirely without fail. Reactivating restores the problem.

My Monitor 1 is a Surface Pro 4 hi-res display (2736x1824), and Monitor 2 (where the right-click offset error happens is only 1920x1080. I'm only speculating, but the DPI difference between the two monitors might be at the heart of the offset error.

Any thoughts or suggestions?