Switch Program and then execute shortcut?

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Post by CMK » May 29th, ’23, 22:47

I want to hit a shortcut and then Fastkeys must switch to that program and execute the shortcut.
I am in Powerpoint and want to switch to ZOOM and then mute myself.

I know how to use the shortcut in ZOOM, but I want to automatically switch and THEN do the task.

All help is appreciated.
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Post by Tom » May 31st, ’23, 19:24

I'm not using Zoom but you could try this script (Type: Command). It switches to Zoom window and toggles the mute by pressing Alt+A.

Code: Select all

WinActivate, ahk_class ZPContentViewWndClass
Send, !a
Also, try replacing the first line with
WinActivate, ahk_exe Zoom.exe
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