Inserting an item from Text Expander in the StartMenu not working

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Post by mr9bitbyte » May 28th, ’23, 03:05

With the macro of "Insert another item" from the automation menu, I am tying to excecute a text expander from the start menu, the problem is that is not working. The problem I see is that the trigger for the text expander is ";code", the item inserted in the start menu is %INSERT_;code%, and it is not blue colored as it should, and its not excecuting, I believe the problem is that the semicolon should be escaped or something but I dont know how?
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Post by Tom » May 31st, ’23, 19:11

There is an issue with the semicolon character (;) which prevents Insert another item function to work. We will try to improve this in the future, until then try to avoid ; in the menu name.
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