Command to Paste from Clipboard as Selected Plain Text

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Post by Fazlul » Jul 2nd, ’21, 18:42

Hi everyone,

I am working on MS Word 2016. Sometimes, I copy from pdf and paste in the document.
Is there any command in Fastkeys through which I can Paste from Clipboard as Selected Plain Text?

The reason behind this is that every time I copy from pdf, I paste it on the document as plain text (Text Only), then I select it and apply F5 shortcut to combine the text in a continuous paragraph in a justified alignment. I use the following command for this:
Send, ^h
Sleep 20
Send, {^}p{Tab} !a{Right}{Enter}{Escape}
Sleep 20
Send, ^j

If the paste-selection problem is solved, I can finish the whole thing in a single key stroke.

Thanks in advance
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Post by Marko » Jul 3rd, ’21, 19:56

To paste the clipboard, you can use

Code: Select all

Send, ^v
;or to send it as non formatted text
Send, % Clipboard
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