Question: Sometimes my phrases trigger slowly or not at all

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Post by gbotes » Mar 16th, ’21, 05:10

I have noticed that, at times, my FastKeys phrases seem to trigger slowly or not at all. It's as if some software or service running on my Windows 10 laptop creates interference or "drag". I am wondering what might be causing it, if others experience something similar at times, and if there is a suggested way to troubleshoot or detect the cause. Are there certain Windows services or software that are "the usual culprits" in this sort of thing?

It is not related to my upgrade to Fastkeys 5 - I experienced something similar with FastKeys 4, too, and I don't believe that Fastkeys is the problem. It is something on my laptop.
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Post by Marko » Mar 16th, ’21, 21:50

Could you first check our troubleshooting guide? ... oting.html

If this does not help, please contact our support mail for further support.
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