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Post by Kurt » Dec 6th, ’20, 18:23


I like Fastkeys very much, especially the startmenu that I use as my main way of starting programs and some macros. However, it happens more and more that it takes a very long time after activation (by Hotkey but also by touching the edge of the screen - I tried that too as to test if it was not a hotkey only issue) before the menu pops up. Can take up to halve a minute. I know there is a setting for the delay but it is at 250 ms so that can't be the reason.
This already happens since several months but in the beginning it was rather rare. Now it happens much more frequently and becomes very annoying.
I did some testing and sometimes the menu pops up normally but after some time it can take again a lot of time, although I haven't in the meantime opened another another program or closed one.
Any idea what might go wrong?
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Post by Tom » Dec 8th, ’20, 21:51

Do you use a very large start menu? Try to disable some items with "Include files and Subfolders" option. Any difference?
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Post by Kurt » Dec 8th, ’20, 22:23

Thanks for the reply, Tom

Hmm, there are two items that point to drives: C:\ and one to a networkdrive (NAS) - but it is only with "subfolders". I will disable that and see if it makes a difference. But that was on the menu from the start. So I don't suspect that are the culprits.

The menu itself is not that long.

Today no problems so far :-) I wonder now if troubles only start once the PC resumes after put in sleepmode and no problems appear before he is put in sleepmode. I will pay attention to that too. Today, I haven't put the PC in sleepmode yet. Normally I do that more often.
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