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Post by wetware05 » Dec 4th, ’20, 14:19

I have the following problem. A mind mapping program (TheBrain) on my computer has the ability to open the browser a URL. From changes in version 86.0.4240.75 of Chromium-based browsers the address comes like this
http: //%22https//

Where clearly "% 22https /" is inserted at the beginning and "% 22" at the end. I have done this command

Code: Select all

Send ^ l
Send ^ c
Clipboard: = StrReplace (Clipboard, "http: //% 22https //")
Clipboard: = StrReplace (Clipboard, "% 22")
Send, ^ v
Send {Enter}
but I would like it to be more "elegant", I don't know how to make the "StrReplace" command replace the two incorrect parts in the same line. I'd rather use a RegEx string (which selects just the string "" in the example), but with so much special symbol I don't know how to do it.
On the other hand I wonder if the "hotstring" command would intercept the wrong address in memory and correct it.

Anyone with the same problem? Any suggestion?
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