Is there a way to execute a sub file?

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Post by 30fold » Nov 17th, ’20, 23:04

I use Fastkeys a lot, and I have a lot of very similar or related scripts. I am wondering if they can be layered to that one script brings up another. For example, I have a shortcut named mylinks. In it I have options, let's say
Link 1
Link 2...99

Rather than having ...Links 1-99 I'd like the choices to be categories. Say I click on Category 1. That would bring up the shortcut Category 1 links which in turn would give me
Link 10
Link 12...

I don't want to INCLUDE shortcut Category 1 in MyLinks directly but to be able to "call" it from MyLinks. Optionally, if the options can have sub options that would also work.
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Post by Marko » Nov 19th, ’20, 13:58

Is "Insert another item" macro what you are looking for?
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