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Post by Bridger » Jul 10th, ’20, 13:41

Hi everyone,
I'm new to FastKeys.
I'm trying to set up a text expansion for i to I and im to I'm. My problem is that when I set up both , the i to I changes before I have a chance to get to the m of im. I have added manual confirmation and that does not help. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
I have also discovered while typing this question that my no double capitals on start of sentence also seems not to work, any advice there would be greatly appreciated also. I am on Windows 10 btw.
Best Bridger
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Post by Tom » Jul 10th, ’20, 19:39

Hi Bridger and welcome to the forum.

You can get this working by removing ' character from the list of ending characters in Preferences/Text Expander/Ending characters. This way ' character will no longer trigger the expansion.

I tested the double capitals feature and it works for me - corrections are made on the start of the sentence too. Could you please verify your settings?
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Post by procrastinator » Jul 11th, ’20, 14:13

I think you may be having the same trouble I was having, before Marko kindly introduced a default suffix character. It solved all the problems for me. I prefer to be quite clear about when the text expander operates - I want to tell it when to look at the last few characters typed and then act. I do this by setting "#" as the default suffix and removing all other ending characters and the default prefix. This means the text expander will do nothing until I tell it to by using the final character "#". (You could of course use any other character you would not use in normal typing.)

So, using your example, I would type "i#" or "im#" and the Text Expander correctly expands both (I tried it). You could also put these two abbreviations in a phrase file to save real estate and that works too.

The original request (and some suggestions) are in https://www.fastkeysautomation.com/foru ... f=5&t=1229. Please note item 1) in my last post on this topic otherwise FK will display suggestions as you type, which may have undesired effects if you are not watching the screen.

FK is a great piece of software and Marko is very responsive. I too only started with it in March and I would not willingly do without it now. Best of luck with using it.
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