Weird shortcut behavior, in regards to different keyboard layouts/languages

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Post by Oblomov » Apr 15th, ’20, 12:30


I've got two commands


Which both have the following command, that performs a language switch:

Code: Select all

If Toggle34
  PostMessage, 0x50, 0x02,0,, A
  PostMessage, 0x50, 0, 0x4090409,, A
However, when I press 'Ctrl + Æ' (a shortcut in a program I often use, Visual Studio Code), this command gets executed (language switch), even though I have no shortcut that uses 'Ctrl + Æ'

This is strange because
'Ctrl + ½' on danish keyboard is 'Ctrl + Ё' on the russian keyboard, basically so I can toggle back and forth between the languages

However, I don't understand how 'Ctrl + Æ' plays into this, since it is 'Ctrl + Ж' on the russian keyboard...
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