FastKeys 4.08 Released

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Post by Marko » May 5th, ’18, 12:50

What's new in FastKeys 4.08:
May 5, 2018

New FastKeys update with significantly updated context help and online documentation.

Please let us know how you like the new features or if you have any further suggestions.

Release notes:
- New online documentation,
- Improved context help,
- Improved Auto Complete character recognition,
- Language translation updates,
- Various small improvements and bug fixes.

Download FastKeys HERE!
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Post by davidp » May 7th, ’18, 10:05

Just to remind you -- You said that in the next version you will add a sleep script posted by Tom to the Library and even now it's not added in this version.
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Post by gustms » May 7th, ’18, 14:42

Thank you, Marko!

Edit 25/05 - Wow, I missed the improvements on encryption, so had to edit this post. Thanks for them! These option for remembering the password in the computer and encrypting the backups are really welcome. Great job!
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Post by Marko » May 7th, ’18, 20:53

Mentioned sleep script is already included in the Library.
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