FastKeys 4.06 Released

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Post by Marko » Feb 27th, ’18, 21:48

What's new in FastKeys 4.06:
February 27, 2018

We are happy to announce the new FastKeys update. As a highlight, data protection feature has been implemented, based on a frequent user request. There are two level of protection available:
- File encryption - to ensure the settings can only be edited in FastKeys.
- Password protection - full encryption with the password.

FastKeys uses strong AES encryption algorithm so please remember your passwords! ;)

Release notes:
- Data encryption and password protection,
- Auto Complete adjusts to typed case,
- Clipboard Manager removes formatting by default,
- Language translation updates,
- Various small improvements and bug fixes.

Please let us know how you like the new features or if you have any comments.

Download FastKeys HERE!
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Post by gustms » Feb 28th, ’18, 01:49

Thank you!
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Post by Pro » Mar 19th, ’18, 11:57

Good Update, thanks ;) :D
keep rocking it with great functions!
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Post by jrwf555 » Mar 22nd, ’18, 09:16

Thanks, Marko. I've just downloaded it and look forward to exploring the new features.

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