FastKeys 2.19 Released

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Post by Marko » Nov 8th, ’14, 17:27

What's new in FastKeys 2.19:
November 8, 2014

This time many additional user preferences have been added, mostly based on suggestions from our users. Thanks. Beside some new font and color options, it is now possible to more precisely control Auto Complete suggestions and learning. Please let us know how you like it.

- Expanded font and color options for popups and menus,
- More control over the Auto Complete suggestions behavior,
- Basic text formatting from a context menu,
- Additional user preferences,
- Bug fixes.

Download FastKeys HERE!
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Post by gustms » Nov 10th, ’14, 02:17

Thank you! Great improvements!
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Post by Ennovy » Nov 10th, ’14, 08:58

gustms wrote:

Thank you! Great improvements!+
1 :D
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Post by FastM » Nov 12th, ’14, 01:19

Many thanks Marko

Great improvements and much sooner than expected - well done.
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