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by Marko
Jun 20th, ’21, 07:06
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: call to nonexistent funcion
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Re: call to nonexistent funcion

This specific issue has been resolved in 5.04, thanks for reporting.
by Marko
Jun 19th, ’21, 19:02
Forum: Announcements
Topic: FastKeys 5.04 Released
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FastKeys 5.04 Released

What's new in FastKeys 5.04: June 19, 2021 A new FastKeys release brings a new handy shortcut which allows user to quickly enable or disable the Auto Complete. This was a popular demand from our users. Check it out in Preferences/Auto Complete/More. A new release also introduces a new "Message Box" ...
by Marko
Jun 16th, ’21, 18:52
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Tilde after command execution
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Re: Tilde after command execution

I believe this is a Windows Keyboard setting, try it without FastKeys running.
by Marko
Jun 16th, ’21, 18:49
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Search Start Menu button text?
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Re: Search Start Menu button text?

Unfortunately there is no such option.
But you can always use a Quick Find window for searching - check it out.
by Marko
Jun 13th, ’21, 10:38
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Add/enable "Tooltips(?)" to Start Menu buttons/items?
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Re: Add/enable "Tooltips(?)" to Start Menu buttons/items?

This is currently not available. I'll put it on the wish list for possible future development.
by Marko
Jun 11th, ’21, 12:48
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Line spacing problem
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Re: Line spacing problem

Please contact our support mail for more detailed support.
by Marko
Jun 8th, ’21, 21:25
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: quick way to access menu settings ?
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Re: quick way to access menu settings ?

There is currently no other way.
by Marko
Jun 8th, ’21, 21:01
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Video Tutorials Released
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Re: Video Tutorials Released

New useful video tutorial released:
- Automate Cursor Position in FastKeys.

Please subscribe to our channel for more tutorials. Thanks! ;)
by Marko
Jun 5th, ’21, 21:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Formatting/Organizing a Start Menu
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Re: Formatting/Organizing a Start Menu

1. That’s the software limitation 2. In a Toolbar, submenu items are connected with a line. You could use main menus instead of submenus. You could also use a regular Menu type instead of a Toolbar. 3. These are following Windows system settings. 4. The Toolbar tile width is limited to 300px. In you...
by Marko
Jun 5th, ’21, 18:24
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Can a "FastPaste" equivalent be created in FastKeys?
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Re: Can a "FastPaste" equivalent be created in FastKeys?

jvroom wrote:
Jun 4th, ’21, 20:49
Where can I find the "Medical HPI example"?
This is one of the default examples in the Text Expander module. If you deleted it, you can still find it in the Examples.fdb file - File/Open...

Your feedback is highly appreciated, of course. :)