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by briwats
Mar 27th, ’24, 18:29
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Topic: Autocomplete Switchoff/on
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Autocomplete Switchoff/on

Hello! I've been using autocomplete with a large dictionary of the most common english words over 5 letters; and it works great. However, I would like to turn it off in certain places and I'd like to turn it off without affecting Text Expander. How do I 1. Turn off AutoComplete in chrome URL bars an...
by briwats
Feb 11th, ’24, 00:25
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Exporting Single Text Expander templates
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Re: Exporting Single Text Expander templates

+1 to this request; I've just imported 500 espanso text expansions prefaced with a ; because I misunderstood how prefixes worked. I don't see any way to export them all now and so I need to go back and redo all of the espanso yaml cleanup I did and reimport with no ; prefix.