How to find window name and other information?

FastKeys features a handy Window Information tool which provides information about the window names and various other controls on the currently active window. To access Window Information tool, open the main program window and select Tools > Window Infromation from the main menu or right-click on a Tray icon and select Window Information. More information: Window Information.

Is it possible to record my input and then play it back?

Sure, you can record a macro anytime directly by pressing a recording shortcut. Recorded macro will stay in memory, waiting to be played back anytime as needed. Please see more information here: Macro Recorder.

How to run several .exe (open programs) in a single command?

Of course, in Type: Run mode you can specify multiple programs or files to run, one per line. See "My Desktop Example" under a Start Menu. More information: Run

How many start menus can I have?

You can use up to four start menus with different shortcuts/triggers. Menu #2 shows the items from the second settings tab. To add a tab, right click on a "Default" tab and select "New tab".

How can I Sync settings over multiple computers?

Yes, settings  can be run from any valid Windows location, local disk, network path, cloud etc. By saving the settings file to a shared location, you can access the same settings from different computers. For example, to use Dropbox

- on the first computer, use File/Save As... to save the settings file to Dropbox folder,

- on the second computer, use File/Open... to load the settings file from a Dropbox folder.

How to migrate text expansions to a new computer?

Install FastKeys on a new computer and copy Settings.fdb (command settings file) and Settings.ini (User preferences file) from the old computer to FastKeys/Data folder.

Can I contribute with translating FastKeys to another language?

Yes, your contributions are highly appreciated. FastKeys translation is a simple task - you just need to edit one of the available language files in any text editor. Language files can be found in FastKeys/Resources/Languages folder

Is there a difference between regular and portable version?

There is no difference in functionality. The purpose of the portable version is to run the program without requiring administrator setup privileges. It essentially copies the files to selected folder without installation.