This macro prompts the user to insert the optional section. Input dialog window appears before the command is executed.

Name - The unique name of the macro field. The field name cannot contain blanks or special characters.

Description (optional) - Description to be shown on the input dialog. Leave the Description blank to show first few lines of the optional text instead.

Remember last input (optional) - If this option is enabled, the last user selection will be pre-selected when calling the macro next time.

Select OK to insert a %OPTIONAL_Name% macro field into the command. Double-click on the field name to open the dialog and edit the macro properties again.

In the following example, the user will be asked to insert additional section before the command is executed.

Dear customer,
Thank you for your mail. %OPTIONAL_MySection%Please find the catalogue attached.%ENDOPTIONAL%
Best regards.

The result of the OPTIONAL_Name field variable (true or false) can also be used in the conditional statements, calculations or scripts.