FastKeys can import the data into the Text Expander module from external text files, comma delimited files (CSV), data from Excel spreadsheet files, Breevy text snippets or AutoText files.

Importing data from external file

To access Import window, open the main program window and select File > Import from the main menu and select the file to import. An import dialog will be shown to set detailed settings.

The following options are available:

Import to - The data can be imported into a new tab, current tab or a Phrase file.

Separator (Delimited text file only) - specify the character which separates each field of text in the source file.

Data - the following data can be imported: Abbreviation, Substitute and a Description. Specify the order of the fields of text in the source file by selecting the field from the drop down selection menus. You can also select the desired data to be imported.

Press the OK button to finish the import operation.