This macro creates a new mail in the default mail client and pre-populates mail fields.

Name - The unique name of the macro field. The field name cannot contain blanks or special characters. Two fields with the same name and of the same type are treated as one.

Mode - Select mail sending method. Select Default to use a default mail client using a mailto method. Select Outlook if you are using Microsoft Outlook mail client.

To, Cc, Bcc - Enter the recipients' email addresses or names. Separate multiple recipients with a semicolon.

Subject - Enter the subject of the message.

Attachments - Add attached files to the message. Separate attachments with a semicolon. Select a folder button to select file(s) from a disk.

Message body - Type a body of the message (in plain text).

Send automatically - Enable this option to instruct FastKeys to send mail automatically without opening the mail client. This feature is only available with a Microsoft Outlook mail client.

Timeout (ms) - Specify the delay (in milliseconds) to pause the execution until the mail client is fully loaded.

Select OK to insert a %RUN_Name% macro field into the command. Double-click on the field name to open the dialog and edit the macro properties again.

The following opens a mail client, populates the mail fields and then continues with entering a text.