Simulates mouse button clicks on specified Windows control (button, edit field etc), menu or screen position.

Name - The unique name of the macro field. The field name cannot contain blanks or special characters. Two fields with the same name and of the same type are treated as one - the user input is only required once.

Mode - The following modes are available:

- Control - performs a click on the specified Windows control (button, edit field etc.).

- Menu - performs a click on specified menu.

- Position (x/y) - performs a click on a specified screen position.

Control - Specify a target control, menu or screen position (x/y coordinates). Use the Window Information tool to recognize target names or coordinates.

Window - A window title or other criteria identifying the target window. Use the Window Information tool to recognize window names.

Click - The mouse button to click (Left, Right, Middle, Double left click).

Window information - Access the Window Information Tool to easily retrieve the window and control names.

Select OK to insert a %CLICK_Name% macro field into the command. Double-click on the field name to open the dialog and edit the macro properties again.

In the following example, the specified Edit field will be clicked (selected), the text will be entered and then the OK button will be pressed to finalize the entry.

%CLICK_EditField% Entered text. %CLICK_OKButton%