Define Intelligent Auto Complete word and phrase prediction utility to save you hours of typing. Type out a couple of letters, and the Auto Complete shows a box with word suggestions that can be selected. Words can include advanced predefined commands or can also be used to trigger any other command types to run applications, open web pages or execute commands and scripts.

Select command type

Set the command type to Send for a normal auto completion (inserting text or phrases).

The following other command types are available:

Wordlist File - Running a file containing a list of words used for Auto Complete suggestions.

Run - Running programs or files, opening file folders or websites, running external AutoHotkey (.ahk) scripts.

Command - Executing user commands by using Autohotkey scripting language.

Set the substitute string

Command to be executed by selecting suggested word. Most commonly the substitute would contain some frequently typed words or phrases. However, FastKeys can execute many different actions according to selected command Type and command contents. See Commands.

Set the string

The word that will be shown in the word suggestion list. Selecting this word will trigger the Command action.

Set the description

A short command description.

Click OK button

Click OK button to confirm string definition or click Cancel button to cancel and exit.