Macros are special advanced fields which can be used in Send type commands. Macro functions can add powerful features to static text templates. Macro functions are placeholders in your phrase which are replaced with interactive contents at the time of phrase insertion.


The current date is %DATETIME_CurrentDate%. The current time is %DATETIME_CurrentTime%.

FastKeys processes macro functions sequentially and replaces the macro placeholder with the current date:

The current date is 12/19/2019. The current time is 09:45am.

Adding a macro

To add a macro function to a phrase:

1.Click in the phrase text where you wish to add a macro.

2.Select the desired macro function from one of the macro menus:

3.Configure the parameters in the macro configuration dialog.

To edit an existing macro, double-click the macro field.

Macro configuration dialog

A typical macro configuration dialog consists of:

The macro name field, and

Macro parameters which are explained in this manual.

The macro name is the text label of the macro field variable. Choose a short name that describes the purpose of the macro.

Macro parameters - Most macro functions have parameters and options which are explained for each macro in this documentation.